3rd Graduation Ceremony on 24th February 2018.


        Electronics & Telecommunication engineering is well equipped with modern equipment laboratory with more than 60 computers, servers and networking. The Department having facilities of highly advance software for electronics design: MATLAB, LAB VIEW, ORCAD, Kell, VHLD etc.

        The department has professional development through ISTE and IETE activities. & also co-curiculam and extracurricular activities for the students overall development with continuous academic assessment. The department focus on Value Addition Courses and developing overall orientation towards the frequent industrial visits, guest lectures and training by prominent industrial experts.

                                                                                  Prof. Md. Ikramuddin
                                                                                  Head of Department


Name of Staff Designation Qualification Experience
  Prof. Md. Ikramuddin Head of DepartmentM.E. Electronics 10 Years
  Prof. M. S. Wadatkar Assistant Professor M.E. Electronics13 Years
  Prof. P. P. Kakade Assistant ProfessorM.E. E&TC 5 Years
  Prof. S. S. Sonawane Assistant ProfessorM. E. Electronics 4 Years
  Prof. P. R. Tarle Assistant ProfessorM.E. VLSI 3 Years
  Prof. N. K. Paturkar Assistant ProfessorM.E. Communication 8 Years
  Prof. P. J. Shirsath Assistant ProfessorM.E. VLSI & Embedded 5 Years
  Prof. P. A. Purohit Assistant ProfessorM.E. VLSI & Embedded 4 Years
  Prof. P. B. Tandale Assistant ProfessorM.E. Signals & Systems 3 Year
  Prof. M. S. Palde Assistant ProfessorM.E. VLSI & Embedded 2 Years
  Mrs. D. J. Gaikwad Technical AssistantB.E. Electronics 6 Years



  • Analog electronics lab
  • Logic design lab
  • Power electronics lab
  • Microprocessor lab
  • Microcontroller lab
  • Signal Processing Lab.
  • HDL lab / VLSI lab
  • Communication lab
  • Programming Lab.

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